In-Home Healing Sessions

I offer in-home healing sessions including massage, belly wrapping, fire cupping, energetic cleansing, herbal baths, perineum steams, sound baths, and hip sealing ceremonies. Sessions may be booked a la carte and in packages. For optimal postpartum healing results, I recommend receiving one to two healing sessions per week for the first 4-6 weeks and ending with a hip sealing ceremony. Healing sessions can be received by anyone of any gender at any time and are not limited to folks who are pregnant or postpartum. I also recommend a series of healing sessions for folks who are processing the death of a loved one, the end of an important relationship, a chronic or acute dis-ease, and any big life transition.  I’ve listed some of my services, below, and can tailor them to your specific needs based on your personal health profile and lived experience. 60 minute, 90 minute, & 2hr sessions available.

Intuitive Massage

Intuitive full body massage catered to your individual needs, desires, and boundaries. Supports body in relieving pain, reducing swelling, releasing stress, inducing sleep, moving stagnant energy, encouraging uterus and abdominal muscles to tighten and return to position, moving unwanted gas and constipation, protecting energetic openings, and processing the physical and energetic experiences and memories triggered during birth, abortion, and/or postpartum time.

  • I utilize a combination of strokes, pressure points, bone holding, and energetic balancing individually tailored to meet your specific needs each time
  • some specializations include but are not limited to: deep tissue massage, sleep/relaxation massage, prenatal massage, postpartum massage, and c-section massage
  • energetic exchange – $150 (60min), $200 (90min), $250 (2hr)

Fire Cupping

Traditional moving cupping therapy to support healthy blood circulation; clear fluid stagnation, lung congestion or respiratory dis-ease; relieve pain from tight muscles; drain lymph; and cleanse the blood.

  • offered postpartum to support the body’s circulation, blood restoration, and milk production
  • offered at full term pregnancy to help kickstart and stimulate labor
    • home visits to support stalled labor are available
  • supports in processing/releasing grief, anger, sadness, and other emotional winds that feel stuck in the body
  • energetic exchange – $150 (60 min)

Postpartum Elastic Belly Binding

Ritual to support fresh postpartum body in being held and protected as the abdomen adjusts to the space made by baby’s exit and the organs return to their pre-pregnancy locations. This supports in preventing uterine and bladder prolapse (dropping), diastasis recti (separating of abdominal muscles) and any straining, pulling, or herniating that can happen to the body as it heals. It also helps the postpartum person feel more secure, warm, supported, and safe. It is recommended to happen within the first few days after birth and be worn for the first three weeks postpartum. It can still be helpful, however, to receive this service anytime within the first three weeks postpartum.

  • includes gentle abdominal massage with warming oil
  • belly binding with elastic bandage
  • training for support person on how to rebind
  • energetic exchange – $160

Lymphatic Breast Massage

Lymphatic massage covering the neck, underarm, and breast 

  • supports in moving stagnant and swollen lymph nodes for preventive and general wellness care
  • for postpartum and lactating folks, it supports in promoting milk flow and preventing clogged milk ducts
  • can include fire cupping to prevent and treat acute clogs and mastitis 
  • energetic exchange – $150

Energetic Cleansing / Limpia 

Deep cleansings intended to support the receiver in releasing unwanted energies that feel stuck in the energetic and physical body. Signs that you may need a cleansing can include but are not limited to: feeling overtaken by emotional winds such as sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, resentment, fear; experiencing obsessive/intrusive thoughts; chronic nightmares; feeling an unshakeable heaviness/lethargy; reliving a traumatic incident; feeling empty and cold; and feeling fragmented or overwhelmed 

  • two-part session beginning with a consultation to assess ailment and build cleansing tailored to the specific dis-ease
  • cleansing includes a custom combination of any of the following: herbal bath, perineum steam, crystal bowl sound bath, dry herbal slap bath, herbal tea, and closing of energetic openings with rebozo wrapping   
  • energetic exchange – $250-350

Cerrada de Caderas / Hip Sealing Ceremony

Traditional closing ceremony offered to support birthing person in returning to self post birth, miscarriage, or abortion. It is typically done around 40 days postpartum, and can be performed as many times as needed. This offering can also support people in calling spirit back to their bodies after a break-up, an assault, the death of a loved one, or any huge life shift.

  • Includes herbal bath or perineum steam, intuitive massage, bone holding, and rebozo wrapping
  • Supports in down regulating nervous system, aligning hips and spine, and sealing the energetic openings of the body
  • Assists in releasing unwanted/stuck energies and offers protection for the next postpartum phase
  • Is a time for birthing person to come back to center and be deeply nurtured
  • Birthing person can invite anyone they would like to be part of the ceremony
  • Allow 3 hours for closing
  • energetic exchange – $350

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***Please note: 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session. Same day cancellations will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of your scheduled session cost.

I carefully choose my rates to honor the skill and labor that I invest into your care while being accessible to those who need support and fair to other practitioners who make their living doing this work. If you are interested in working with me but cannot meet the prices listed, please let me know! I trust we can find a way for you to get the support you need and honor my labor. Payment plans are available upon request.

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