I am committed to supporting you and the decisions you make around your pregnancy. I offer postpartum doula services, in-home postpartum bodywork, postpartum sealing ceremony, birth doula package, abortion doula services, and placenta encapsulation. I’ve listed some of my basic services, below, and can customize them to tailor to your specific needs.

Postpartum Doula Support and Newborn Care

I offer extended postpartum support to give space for you to prioritize your rest and healing, spend quality time with your self, partner, and/or older child(ren), and bond with your new family member(s).

  • Tailored to fit your needs – can include but is not limited to services such as:
    • Care for baby(ies)IMG_1135
    • Lactation and/or bottle feeding support
    • Assistance with sleep training
    • Holding space for your processing
    • Support for older sibling(s)
  • Daytime shifts available (4-6 hours)
  • Agreed upon hours a week to ease your postpartum transition
  • Day — Singleton $40/hr : Twins $50/hr
  • Overnight — $60/hr

In-home Body Work

60 minute, 90 minute, & 2hr sessions available. Body work can also be done on folks who are not and have never been pregnant but could benefit from intuitive, consensual touch for energetic and physical release.


  • Body and belly massage catered to your individual needs, desires, and boundaries
  • Supports body in relieving pain, reducing swelling, releasing stress, moving stagnant energy, encouraging uterus and abdominal muscles to tighten and return to position, moving unwanted gas and constipation, protecting energetic openings, and processing the physical and energetic experiences and memories triggered during birth, abortion, and/or postpartum time.
  • energetic exchange – $120 (60min), $170 (90min), $230 (2hr)

Fire Cupping 

traditional moving cupping therapy to support the body in moving stagnation and cleansing the blood

  • offered postpartum to support the body’s circulation and blood restoration
  • sometimes offered before birth as a way to stimulate labor
  • also supportive when trying to rid the body of any lung congestion or respiratory dis-ease
  • energetically, supports in processing/releasing grief, anger, sadness, and other emotional winds that feel stuck in the body
  • energetic exchange – $120 (60 min)

Postpartum Elastic Belly Binding

Ritual to support fresh postpartum body in being held as the abdomen adjusts to the space made by baby’s exit and the organs return to their pre-pregnancy locations. This supports folks in avoiding straining, pulling, and herniating the body as it heals and helps the postpartum person feel more secure and protected. It is recommended to happen within the first few days after birth. It can still be helpful, however, anytime within the first three weeks postpartum.

  • includes gentle belly massage with warming oil
  • belly binding with elastic bandage
  • extra bandages & training for support person on how to rebind
  • energetic exchange – $120

Cerrada de Caderas / Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

Traditional Mesoamerican closing ceremony offered to support birthing person in returning to self post birth, miscarriage, or abortion. Can be performed as many times as needed. This offering can also support people in calling spirit back to their bodies after a break-up, an assault, the death of a loved one, or any huge life shift.

  • Includes herbal peri steam or bath, massage, bone holding, rebozo wrapping, and belly binding
  • Supports in down regulating nervous system, aligning hips and spine, and sealing the energetic openings of the body
  • Assists in releasing unwanted/stuck energies and offers protection for the next postpartum phase
  • Is a time for birthing person to come back to center and be deeply nurtured
  • Birthing person can invite anyone they would like to be part of the ceremony
  • Allow 3 hours for closing
  • energetic exchange – $350

Quetzal Birth Doula Package

  • Two prenatal visits (2-3 hrs each)
    • Provide resources on natural and clinical methods of stimulating labor, relieving intensity, feeding/lactation, and newborn care
    • Teach comfort techniques to other support people including but not limited to: massage, rebozo, counter pressure, and gentle stretching
    • Create and review birth preferences, provide information, and discuss options
    • Assist with navigating fears, respecting boundaries, and cleansing energy
  • On call from 38 weeks until you birth (*can be adjusted)
    • Continuous companionship and support through your labor
    • Present during birth and until all parties are stable and comfortable
    • Support with postpartum transition, newborn care, and lactation
  • 2 postpartum visits (2-3hrs each)
    • Support with feeding/lactation
    • Hold space for you to process birth and postpartum transition
    • Spend time with baby so you may meet your needs
    • Deliver placenta medicine, if applicable
    • Provide healing support including but not limited to: C-section massage, belly & body massage, belly wrapping, steams, baths, hip closing ceremony/cerrada de caderas
    • energetic exchange -$2000

Quetzal Abortion Doula Support

I support you in making decisions that honor your body and autonomy. You have the right to have an abortion ceremony that is just as sacred as any birth ceremony. For some having an abortion can be a deeply altering experience, and for others not as much. Either way, I am here to support you!

  • Emotional, physical, and energetic support before, during, and after abortion
  • Present during your abortion (when permitted)
  • Assistance in setting the space and engaging in release ceremony, if desired
  • Provide healing support including but not limited to: steams, baths, belly & body massage, belly wrapping, hip closing/cerrada de caderas
  • Holding space for your processingdark green quetzal flipped

I carefully choose my rates to honor the skill and labor that I invest into your and your little one’s care while being accessible to those who need doula support and fair to other practitioners who make their living doing this work. If you are interested in working with me but cannot meet the prices listed, please let me know! I trust we can find a way for you to get the support you need and honor my labor. Payment plans are also available upon request.