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Quetzal Doula pays homage to my tierra madre in Monteverde, Costa Rica, where I was raised on sacred land that continues to provide a nurturing home for the Quetzal to live in and migrate through. The Quetzal is a revered bird of Mesoamerica and a beautiful symbol of fertility, abundance, power, and freedom. Through Quetzal Healing, I seek to channel the lessons of my ancestors and the gifts of nature to contribute to a powerful, sacred, liberating, and healing experience for you and your family.

What is a Doula?

A doula is a gentle companion who offers continuous physical, emotional, energetic, and informational support to a pregnant person before, during, and after birth or abortion. A doula can also offer support to any partners, friends, and/or family members the pregnant person wishes to have as part of their support team.

Why hire a Doula?

For thousands of years, pregnant people from many cultures have been surrounded by gentle and encouraging support teams through the important transitions of bringing spirits Earthside as well as releasing spirits to return back to their spiritual realm. In addition to us carrying this wisdom in our ancestral bloodlines, scientific studies have also shown that continuous doula care can have multiple physical and psychological benefits including shorter labors and reduced chances of unplanned interventions. The role of the doula is not new, it has traditionally existed in the form of family and community members, elders, and spiritual leaders. But as society has shifted towards more independent, technological, and fast-paced lifestyles, it has become more and more important to incorporate the support of a mindful doula whose focus is to hold space for the pregnant person and honor the sanctity of such a deep experience in their lives.


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